Tennis Rules

A. Court Usage

  1. Courts are open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, except during periods of maintenance.
  2. If all the courts are full, players should sign the waiting list maintained by the Pro Shop staff. As courts become available, the waiting list shall be used to assign players.
  3. If players are waiting, play is limited to 90 minutes.
  4. Courts may not be held for longer than 10 minutes by a player waiting for others to arrive.
  5. The Pro Shop staff may set aside certain courts for lessons, clinics, drop-ins, and events.
  6. Players should not turn the court lights on and off; they should ask the Pro Shop staff or grounds crew to make any desired adjustments to the lighting.

B. Guest Policy

  1. All guests must be accompanied by a member.
  2. All guests must register at the Pro Shop before playing.
  3. The member shall pay the guest fee of $8 per guest, per visit.
  4. A person cannot be a guest more than four times per a calendar month.
  5. Members shall ensure guests follow the Court Etiquette described in Section D.

C. Court Attire

  1. Shirts, shorts, and socks shall be white, off-white, or light pastel. Other colors may be present only as trim or minor accents.
  2. Shoes, hats, jackets, sweaters, sweatbands, and other accessories may be any color, although white is encouraged.
  3. Men’s shirts must have sleeves.
  4. T-shirts may only be worn by minors and must not have excessive graphics or text.
  5. Shoes must be smooth soled and intended for tennis.
  6. Shoe soles must be cleaned of clay before entering indoor areas.
  7. In all matters of attire, the Pro Shop staff shall make the final determination of suitability.

D. Court Etiquette

  1. Profanity, slamming racquets, throwing racquets, and other forms of poor sportsmanship are not permitted.
  2. Crossing a court in use is not permitted without the permission of the court’s players.
  3. Players should wait for a break in play, and then call for a wayward ball to be returned from another court rather than retrieve it themselves.
  4. Cups, empty tennis cans, discarded tennis balls, and other personal items should be removed from the playing area when play is finished to leave a clean area for the next players.
  5. All complaints should be directed to the Pro Shop staff.