Tennis Rules

A. Court Usage

  1. Doubles take precedence over singles play on courts 1, 2, 3 and 4 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
  2. Between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays if others are waiting, only one set is to be played with the tie breaker at 6 all.
  3. Except as indicated in Rule A.2., singles and doubles play is limited to 90 minutes when others are waiting to use a court.
  4. Juniors (18 and younger) have priority on Court #7 until 7:00 PM daily.
  5. All guests must be registered at the Pro Shop before playing and must be accompanied by a member.
    • There is a charge of $8.00 per adult guest and $2.00 charge per junior.
    • Local guests strictly limited to play twice per month.
    • At all times members have preference over three or more guests in a foursome.
    • Guest cardholders must register at the Pro Shop and pay the guest fee.
    • Seniors have precedence over juniors, except as noted in Rule A.4.
  6. All courts are open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, except for periodic maintenance. Please respect the closing of the courts, for such maintenance.
  7. Cancellations of lessons: 12 hours advance notice must be given or a charge will be made.
  8. Approved scheduled tournaments take precedence over regular court play.
  9. Members of Florida Council of Yacht Clubs may use courts, subject to all Field Club tennis rules, and must pay the guest fee. Field Club members have priority on all courts.
  10. Please clean shoes before entering clubhouse.

B. Night Tennis

  1. Seniors have precedence over juniors, except as noted in Rule A.4.
  2. Thursday men's open doubles takes precedence on courts 3, 4 and 5.
  3. No lights after 10:00 PM nightly.
  4. Lights should be turned on only at switches and never at a breaker box or time clock.
  5. Switch is located next to Court 2 for Courts 1 and 2. Switches for 3 through 7 are located on the southeast end of the Pro Shop, just behind the bushes.
  6. Once lights are turned on, do not turn them off. There is a delay and they cannot be turned back on for 15 minutes.

C. Court Attire

  1. Only white, off white, or pastels may be worn and must be recognized and appropriate tennis attire. Men's shirts must have sleeves. Cotton t-shirts are only acceptable for juniors.
  2. Only smooth soled tennis shoes may be worn. Playing barefoot is strictly prohibited.

D. Court Etiquette

  1. Crossing a court in use is prohibited.
  2. A ball from another court should be returned at the first opportunity. Conversely, it is more polite to call for a ball on another court than to retrieve it.
  3. Disposable cups and personal items should be removed by players when play is finished.
  4. Profanity will not be permitted. The Field Club maintains a zero tolerance policy with regard to poor sportsmanship.
  5. You may not "hold" a court while waiting for other members of your party to arrive.
  6. Please be courteous of your fellow players. Set your cell phone to silent or vibrate in the general tennis area.