Pro Shop

Professional Staff

Winston Owen,
Director of Tennis
Pro Shop: (941) 924-6281

Alberto Layrisse,
Tennis Professional
Elizaveta Bukraba-Ulanova,
Tennis Professional

Pro Shop Staff:

Tana Kroll
Suzanne Gallof
Marianna Zentz

Pro Shop Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday | 9 am – 7 pm
Friday - Sunday | 9 am – 5 pm
The Pro Shop is closed on Mondays.


Racquet Re-Stringing Service

  • Restring and re-grip service is available with multiple string options.
  • 24 Hour turn-around time


Labor: $25
Price of string varies (+ or - $10)

Ball Machine Rental

Looking for a way to improve your strokes and get some exercise?

Ball Machine Rental Is Now Available!

Tennis is a challenging sport, so allow yourself time to get better. Playing and taking lessons will help but you must also practice. A ball machine can help!

It's worth your time, energy and money because:
  • It shortens your practice time.
  • It can isolate shots that need attention.
  • You can share it with a friend or two.
  • It's always available.


  1. For reservations, call the Tennis Pro Shop at (941) 924-6281.
  2. Children under 12 years old must be under the supervision and constant presence of an adult member.
  3. Before going on the court, please sign in on the ball machine book located at the Pro Shop.
  4. A maximum of 4 people can use the ball machine at one time.
  5. Booking is limited to one hour per day. Prime time restrictions might apply.

Questions? Call Winston Owen at (941) 924-6281 or email at


Hourly: $10.00
Monthly Pass: $50