Field Club Foundation

The Field Club Foundation was created to help preserve the club's historic structures (i.e., the residence, gate house, pro shop, boat house). The expense of repairing and maintaining these structures can best be accomplished by the efforts of the Foundation and its generous donors.

Contributions to the Foundation are income tax deductible. As a public charity, donors can donate anything from a $25 birthday acknowledgement, a memorial gift in remembrance of a fellow member, an honorary gift also for a fellow member, or larger direct donations of any amount. All gifts will be acknowledged to the donor as required by the IRS, but a donor does not have to be recognized publicly.

The Field Club Foundation President is Marjorie Floyd. Board members include Dr. Alan Porter, Ann Judd, Jane Nelson, Marjorie Floyd, Patty Bettle, Rich Williams, Steve Herb and Steve Voigt. The Board Liaison is Carla Plush Smith.

Please keep The Field Club Foundation, Inc. on your donation list. Put your money into supporting the property we all love. Mail your check to The Field Club, 1400 Field Road, Sarasota, FL 34231 ATTN: Eileen Sarris, CFO.

Visit The Field Club Foundation’s website here.